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Essbase variables in OBI EE

Christian Berg-0racleDec 1 2008 — edited Dec 1 2008
Hi guys,

When importing an Essbase cube, I get its variables pulled into the rpd as dynamic repository variables which is all fun and games, but I have one problem with them:

The variables are tied to the actual server the cube's lying on. I.e. "mydevservername:vCurQtr". Unfortunately, this can't be adjusted since removing the server prefix (to make them more general and fit to any source I point to through the connection pool) stops the variables from working alltogether:

"[nQSError: 23005] The repository variable, vCurQtr, has no value definition. (HY000)"

Has anyone found a solution for that? It's not really comfortable to go through both rpd and webcat for every environment change to keep the variable utilization in line with the server and cube we're currently pointing to.


Edited by: Christian Berg on Dec 1, 2008 2:53 PM
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