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Essbase JAPI - GridView empty after cv.performOperation(cv.createIEssOpRetrieve())

User_ENYGJNov 15 2022

I am new to Essbase/JAPI. I was testing in Samples folder and have modified the code to connect to an in-house test server. I can list the dimensions and members, but the values are not returned as one would expect from the code below:
int cntRows = grid.getCountRows(), cntCols = grid.getCountColumns();

for (int row = 0; row \< cntRows; row++) {  
  for (int column = 0; column \< cntCols; column++)  
    System.out.print(grid.getValue(row, column) + "\\t");  


Since the same user can explore the cube in Power BI and use JAPI to run MaxL command to export cube, I assume either I am missing a few steps (and also not shown in samples) or something need to be done on the server (Privilege, adding libraries, etc.. which I do not have a way to troubleshoot).
Any help much appreciated.!

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Added on Nov 15 2022