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Essbase Database Export failed

MikkisFeb 27 2019 — edited Feb 28 2019


We have been facing an issue for last couple of days when we are doing the export of All Data from Essbase cube. This issue is happening for the application as well as to the copy of application in our Test as well as production environments. We are in EPM Essbase in Linux Redhat.

The issue is happening when we do ALL data. No issues with columnar formatĀ  for all data and level 0. Error we get in EAS Console is "Database Export failed".

Error in Essbase log file is "Error: 1042016 Network Error[]: Connection has been closed."

Every time it fails, it stops randomly at one of the files out of 15 with just 1 line.

We also tried to export to different folders to rule out the SAN. Nothing changed in last few days. We raised ticket with oracle to see if they have any idea. Validate command is successful on the cubes.

Has anyone encountered this issue? Anything to do with EXPORTTHREADS setting?

Thanks in advance,