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Essbase 21c on OCI Marketplace Disaster Recovery/Backup Question

user-rw1vtJun 20 2023

We've been using Essbase 21c on OCI for around two years now, and one thing that's always bothered me about our particular set up on the Oracle infrastructure using their deployed Linux environment is that from everything we've read, if Oracle truly has a catastrophic data center failure, or if for whatever reason our entire instance gets corrupted, the only thing we can realistically do is deploy an entirely new Essbase stack and point all of our block and boot volumes to that stack after the fact, and there is no recovering the original instance. Our mindset has been a bit beyond that even, and though we do take boot and block volume backups, it almost seems simpler, if we do have to deploy a whole new Essbase stack, to just stand up the stack and import our backed up Applications in via LCM and recreate/repoint the IDCS environment for our users.

It just seems a bit odd though that it looks like the only way to realistically recover is to deploy an entirely new instance. This is what the paper is suggesting right, or am I misunderstanding something? Page 5 at the bottom has the first step in a default Essbase recover as "deploy a new stack". ... estore.pdf

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Added on Jun 20 2023