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Errors when trying to configure REST Enabled SQL Service

Alin_AvramDec 24 2023


I am working on my bachelor degree in developing a Formula One application using Apex, Oracle Database and Rest Services. I have installed Oracle Database XE213 with Apex and hosted it locally on an Apache Tomcat Server. The point is to remote access a database which is hosted on (account provided by my college institution and where I have developed the relational database that models de F1 competition, in a previous school project). I have successfully REST Enabled remote database, configured modules and templates and I can implement CRUD operations remotely using the REST Data Source Service on my local workspace (which I use to develop the application).I also have a PL/SQL package, which I have created on the remote database to facilitate data manipulation and to retrieve certain amount of data. In order to implement the functionalities offered by this package on the locally developed app, I need to configure REST Enabled SQL Service, but when I am trying to do it, I keep receiving the following error message, even if I have verified the credentials many times `` REST ENABLED SQL CREATED; FAILURE Authentication failure. Please check authentication credentials. Could you help me in solving this issue? . I use the basic auth type.

Thank you for your support.

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Added on Dec 24 2023
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