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Error while reading DAT file in OIC.

User_3369GNov 4 2021 — edited Nov 4 2021

Hi Experts,
We are facing the below issue in OIC integration while reading DAT file . Please help us with your suggestions/solutions. Attached the schema of the file.
EEROR: "Error while reading native data.
[Infinite loop detected] IOException while trying to read data for ""element <choice>"" from the specified position using ""Line=1, Col=1"" as ""offset"". Current loop count is 1. Element's loop break count is 1. The code in NXSDTranslatorImpl.continueLoop detected an infinite loop condition at the specified node and decided to exit. Please revisit the NXSD to define appropriate exit criteria because the rest of input data do not match your NXSD. If you believe this should not be treated as an error, add the nxsd:detectLoops=""false"" attribute to the NXSD <schema> element, although doing so may increase the risk of getting into an infinite loop. Check the error stack and fix the cause of the error".
Thank You,

Payrollschema .txt (9.38 KB)

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Added on Nov 4 2021
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