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Error When Trying to Login to workspace

Moatasem SheblOct 3 2018 — edited Dec 20 2018

Hello Leaders ,

Suddenly i faced the below error when try to login to the application even the admin user is having that issue

EPMCSS-00301: Failed to authenticate user. Invalid credentials.

Enter valid credentials

URI: http://servername:19000/workspace/logon

Code: 1000

Description: An error occurred processing the result from the server

i found a solution which can help as the below

  1. Log into Shared Services.
  2. Select Administration > Configure User Directory
  3. Select LDAP provider,click on EDIT
  4. Select Show advanced option
  5. Go to connection pooling section
  6. Increase the parameter as follows:
    - Max connections:default
    - Timeout:default
    - Evict Interval:2
    - Allowed Idle Connection time:1
  7. Set idle timeout to 1 and eviction time to 2 minutes.
  8. Make sure that "Grow Connections" is selected.
  9. Restart all the services.

Issue is how can i login to the shared services since i cant open the workspace , and is there any suggestion from your side to help fixing that issue

I am using EPM on prim

Thank You