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Error when opened PDF document created in APEX via APEX_UTIL.DOWNLOAD_PRINT_DOCUMENT

sect55Apr 27 2022 — edited Apr 27 2022

I am trying to create a pdf on Oracle hosted APEX .

I am issuing a process to perform the function when the SUBMIT button is pressed.

p_file_name => 'PA693A',
p_content_disposition => 'attachment',
p_application_id => :APP_ID,
p_report_query_name => 'PA693A',
p_report_layout_name => 'PA693A',
p_document_format => 'pdf');

I confirmed that query and report layout exist. When I open the pdf it says the form in invalid.
The Workspace is RGWORK and the application is PONYA. The page # is 7.
I atached the pdf created and the report layout (xml) which I attached at txt file.

Can someone help?
If needed, I can give you access to the application.
PA693A (9).pdf (520 Bytes)pa693a.txt (107.3 KB)


This post has been answered by InoL on Apr 28 2022
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Added on Apr 27 2022