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Error Upon Launching from Citrix or Sandbox

Lee ShanahanApr 24 2024 — edited Apr 24 2024

Workflow or API calls:

When trying to launch from C1941 into both “Findhelp revalidation” and “Findhelp MPages”, we are receiving errors. The error can be replicated when using the “Test Sandbox” link in the Code Console as well using the “Test Application for QA”.

Expected Result:

Application to launch.

Actual Result:

When launching from “Findhelp revalidation” or the Code Console > Test Application for QA (Application ID e36e039a-9960-42f1-8310-5ff8cd8a5c0c), the following error was received:

An application was attempting to request access to healthcare data with Cerner FHIR Public Sandbox; unfortunately, the application isn't currently registered. If you require further assistance, please contact support.

Information to provide to Technical Support

Correlation ID:


Information to provide to Unknown Application

The supplied "client_id" value does not correspond to any registered applications on record.

Error Code:


Multiple launch tests were attempted on 4/24/24 between 9:47am Central Time and 9:59am Central Time.

The client ID we see in our logs is 9b98ee47-31c6-4cbc-b5c9-3af65f6d4, as expected.

This post has been answered by Jennifer Hong-Oracle on Apr 24 2024
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Added on Apr 24 2024
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