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error provisioning with olnectl command on oracle linux

user-esmm5Feb 14 2023

I am installing a cluster for kubernetes, using oracla cloud native and a load balancer, but when I run the command to start provisioning from the monitor node, I get an error.

Resultados de ERROR[13/02/23 12:05:11] Command on node control 1 failed ERROR[13/02/23 12:05:11] Command was sg ssh <USER>@<HOST1> sudo mkdir -p /etc/olcne/certificates/ ERROR[13/02/23 12:05:11] sudo: a terminal is required to read the password; either use the -S option to read from standard input or configure an askpass helper FATAL[13/02/23 12:05:11] Error was: exit status 1 [<USER>@<HOST> ~]$ (sin comillas):

the public key of the monitor node was shared with all the nodes,

access was validated without password successes.

the user <USER> from <HOST1>, is a member of the wheel group to be able to execute command as root

postscript: I am using this guide:

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Added on Feb 14 2023