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Error In Master Detail Screen

JoyiMay 9 2022

This issue is with all master/detail screens created using oracle apex.
run the master detail screen and do the below steps to see the error.
click on any row in master grid.
during the time detail screen is loading the data, click any other row in the master screen
you may have to do this one or more times to produce the error.
We did lot of research on this and now we are asking our customers not to click any other master row when detail row is
loading. is that the correct way of doing it ?
Pls find below the error shown in the browser console screen
interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:6 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read properties of null (reading 'serverOffset')
at q... (interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:6:16443)
at P (interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:1128)
at Object.forEachInPage (interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:17452)
at (interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:16854)
at Object._drainWaiters (interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:33703)
at interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:8607
at c (desktop_all.min.js?v=22.1.0:2:28327)
at Object.fireWith [as resolveWith] (desktop_all.min.js?v=22.1.0:2:29072)
at Object.s. [as resolve] (desktop_all.min.js?v=22.1.0:2:30973)
at interactiveGrid.min.js?v=22.1.0:1:8474

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Added on May 9 2022