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Error in deploying ADF application EAR file to JCS

3401525Apr 6 2017 — edited Apr 17 2017


I have created simple application JSF page. Here I have created a form by dragging and dropping Employee data(which I am getting from the connection to the database cloud service instance).

Now when I right click on JSF page and run it, It runs well at local integrated web logic server.

But when I try to create EAR file and try to install it on WebLogic server at JCS It throws following error.

weblogic.common.ResourceException: No credential mapper entry found for password indirection user=C##DHRUVAL for data source MyJcsDBConnection

Now, I read somewhere that I need to uncheck "Auto generate synchronize WebLogic JDBC descriptor " from application property in JDeveloper.

I did that and install again, This time it installed successfully but I am not able to open it in Browser. It throws 404 code.

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Added on Apr 6 2017
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