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Error in catsearch with order by clause

user9296587Jul 30 2015 — edited Aug 3 2015


We have created a ctxcat index over a column. If we run this query

select * from table where CATSEARCH(indexed column, 'foo' , null)>0;

works fine, but if we run

select * from table where CATSEARCH(indexed column, 'foo' , 'order by indexed column')>0;

oracle returns an error. This error says that the column is not indexed.

ORA-29902: error al ejecutar la rutina ODCIIndexStart()

ORA-20000: Oracle Text error:

DRG-10844: el índice no puede ejecutar este predicado estructurado de forma eficaz

DRG-10845: la columna NOMBRE no est√° indexada

29902. 00000 - "error in executing ODCIIndexStart() routine"

*Cause: The execution of ODCIIndexStart routine caused an error.

*Action: Examine the error messages produced by the indextype code and

take appropriate action.

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Added on Jul 30 2015