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Error in autoSuggestBehavior with using train.

Perevertkin M ASep 15 2021

I have:
Train in Bounded task flow.
2 ore more jsff pages.
In first jsff page i have af:inputText with af:autoSuggestBehavior ( minChars="2", suggestedItems=<value added in pageFlowScope bean>
When i open train, af:inputText with af:autoSuggestBehavior worked correctly, but when i go to second page and returned to page with af:inputText then af:autoSuggestBehavior don't displayed suggested values. In pageFlowScope bean all values returns, but on client displayed load ring. Weblogic has no error, but the browser has the following error:

suggest-92s23k.js:7 Uncaught TypeError: e._cacheSuggestedItems is not a function
    at Function.AdfAutoSuggestBehaviorImpl.showAutoSuggestPopup (suggest-92s23k.js:7)
    at <anonymous>:1:28
    at AdfSafariAgent.execScript (boot-nmkpup.js:282)
    at AdfInlineLoadableScript.AdfLoadableScript.ExecScript (core-d0yor4.js:13)
    at AdfInlineLoadableScript.load (core-d0yor4.js:14)
    at AdfScriptLoadingService._loadNextScript (core-d0yor4.js:7)
    at AdfScriptLoadingService._addLoadableScript (core-d0yor4.js:6)
    at AdfScriptLoadingService.addInlineScript (core-d0yor4.js:3)
    at AdfDhtmlPage._handleRichResponseScript (boot-nmkpup.js:653)
    at AdfDhtmlPage._applyRichResponse (boot-nmkpup.js:612)

Jdev version: Build JDEVADF_12.
WebLogic Server Version:
Please, help

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