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Error handling while loading the data in Oracle Apex 22.1.4

Annamalai VOct 20 2022

I am using Oracle Apex 22.1.4 version. My requirement is to capture the error records and store them somewhere else while loading the data from xlsx/csv file.
If it's stored in some error log tables/ somewhere else internally, I can create a report on top of that table and display them to the users.
I saw one of the blogs from Oracle and I came to know that it was a very simple and easy method of capturing error records and storing them in Error tables in Oracle Apex 19.1 Is there any similar way of capturing error data and storing them in Oracle Apex 22.1?
If yes, please give me suggestions.

Annamalai V.

This post has been answered by jariola on Oct 21 2022
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Added on Oct 20 2022