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Error from the new operator

807575Jun 19 2000
I am trying to migrate a large set of packages for the BaBar experiment from SC4.2 to SC5.0. I have been able to resolve most of the errors except for the following which has left me clueless.
Error: Different types for "?:" (? and void)
This is hapenning at a line of code like:

aClass* myClass = new aClass(A1,A2,A3,A4,A5,A6);

where the Ctor for the aclass is:

aClass (const a1, const a2, const a3, int i1, double d1,
int i2, const bClass* b=0)
Any help is greatly appreciated. BTW. are the errors for the compiler
availble anywhere on line.
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Locked on Jul 17 2000
Added on Jun 19 2000