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Error enabling SSL in OHS

715579Aug 4 2009 — edited Aug 4 2009

I've been stuck on trying to enable SSL with Oracle HTTP Server. I have Application Express installed under OHS. I am using x86 RHEL 5. Oracle 10g as the database platform. I searched and searched and can not find a solution, so I resorted in posting in forums for help.

Here's the exact error message -
+"Cannot load /home/oracle/product/ohs/Apache/Apache/libexec/ into server: /home/oracle/product/ohs/Apache/Apache/libexec/ undefined symbol: dbm_firstkey"+

In my opmn.xml config file, I have SSL enabled AND Oracle Wallet pointed to the correct path.

I have gdbm packages installed. So I know that's not the issue.

+$ yum list | grep gdbm+
gdbm.i386 1.8.0-26.2.1 installed
gdbm-devel.i386 1.8.0-26.2.1 installed

When I disable SSL, all components run correctly and I'm able to use APEX no problem. Please help me or point me into the right direction!

Chris Ledet
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Added on Aug 4 2009
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