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Error: Client not running

andrefecteauDec 15 2023 — edited Dec 15 2023

I am trying to use Oracle Developer Tools for VSCode and every time I try and connect to a database, I get a number of errors and then VSCode will just continually try to “Create connection” to the server until I completely close VSCode.

The error from the log is:
2023-12-15 08:56:53.107 [error] Error: Client is not running
at LanguageClient.sendNotification (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/node_modules/vscode-languageclient/lib/common/client.js:372:35)
at OracleLanguageServerClient.sendNotification (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/out/infrastructure/oracleLanguageServerClient.js:104:33)
at ScriptExecutionEventsHandler.sendQueryExecutionResetEventToServer (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/out/scriptExecution/scriptExecutionEventsHandler.js:491:36)
at ScriptExecutionCommandHandler.resetScriptExecution (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/out/scriptExecution/scriptExcutionCommandHandler.js:891:33)
at SystemManager.openDocumentHandler (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/out/infrastructure/systemManager.js:357:44)
at f.value (/Users/andrefecteau/.vscode/extensions/oracle.oracledevtools-21.7.1/out/infrastructure/systemManager.js:451:69)
at n.y (/Applications/Visual Studio
at n.z (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at f.value (/Applications/Visual Studio
at n.y (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at i.acceptDocumentsAndEditorsDelta (/Applications/Visual Studio
at i.$acceptDocumentsAndEditorsDelta (/Applications/Visual Studio
at l.S (/Applications/Visual Studio
at l.Q (/Applications/Visual Studio
at l.M (/Applications/Visual Studio
at l.L (/Applications/Visual Studio
at f.value (/Applications/Visual Studio
at n.y (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at f.value (/Applications/Visual Studio
at n.y (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at (/Applications/Visual Studio
at MessagePortMain.<anonymous> (/Applications/Visual Studio
at MessagePortMain.emit (node:events:513:28)
at Object.MessagePortMain._internalPort.emit (node:electron/js2c/utility_init:2:367)

Within VSCode I instanlly get an error popup saying “disconnectedFromLanguageServer". Below that is the box saying “Creating Oracle Connection '<username>.<database>'” and it will just keep trying until I quit.

The Oracle Developer tool log also says:

Information:12/15/2023, 10:55:45 AM:Activating Extension...

Information:12/15/2023, 10:55:45 AM:Oracle Developer Tools for VS Code activated!

Information:12/15/2023, 10:55:46 AM:Language Server ready (Microsoft.NETCore.App 7.0.10)!

[Error - 10:56:21 AM]

VSCode version: November 2023 (1.85)

OS: MacOS Sonoma 14.2 - Macbook Pro 2023, Apple M2 Pro chip.

Any ideas on what is causing this or how to fix it?

EDIT 11:15AM: This seems to ONLY be an issue using an ldap connection (the “Use LDAP Directory Server” option.) I have a valid ldap.ora file, and I can use ldap as a connection type in Oracle SQL Developer. It just doesn't work in VSCode. If I use a tnsnames.ora file, VSCode is able to connect just fine.

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Added on Dec 15 2023
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