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Error acessing web service with SSL with Basic Authentication HTTP

719469Sep 2 2009 — edited Sep 9 2009
I have deployed a web service to a WebLogic server 10.1.3 and created a mediator endpoint to it which I also deployed.

With Enterprise Manager, first applied wss_http_token_service_policy policy to this endpoint, and tried to access it with a web service proxy created with JDeveloper with success.

Second, changed the policy to wss_http_token_over_ssl_service_policy to the same endpoint, changed the protocol and port in the wsdl file, rebuild and executed again, but now with error.

The error is:

Exception in thread "main" SecurityTokenUnavailable : The expected security token is not found in the WS-Security security header.
at $Proxy28.execute(Unknown Source)
at xxx.Execute_ptClient.main(
Process exited with exit code 1.

I inserted the correct http authentication credentials in the proxy, and it correctly access the web service when SSL is not used.

Can't figure out what is wrong. I got the same error when accessing this web service through the test page inside Enterprise Manager.

Any help?

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