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Error acessing Apex 23.1 after upgrading from Apex 19.2

Fabio CeronJun 3 2023

Hello to Everyone,

I tried to Install Oracle APEX 23.1 over an Oracle APEX 19.2 installation, and now I cannot acess any application or the Development Interface.

(Oracle 19c version 19.3 Database, not a Multitenant Instance (no CDB / PDB), not using ORDS)

At this server / Database, I do not use ORDS, so I access the pages directly from the database.

I executed the installation scripts and procedure with the SYS user:
- apexins.sql
- apex_epg_config.sql
- run the sethttpport(8080) command
- unlocked users APEX_230100, ANONYMOUS and APEX_PUBLIC_USER

Apexins log show no errors from execution.

Previously, to access the Development Interface, I used the URL:


Now, as I try to acess the Apex Development Interface, or even the Apex Administration Interface, automaticaly changes the URL to the following:


And it gives a "Forbidden" Error

Port 8080 is open, and GETHTTPPORT shows 8080 as setted before.

Any ideas how to futher troubleshoot, or to fix this access problem?

Have the URL to acess Oracle Apex change since 19.2 version?

This post has been answered by InoL on Jun 3 2023
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Added on Jun 3 2023
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