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Error 404--Not Found at login page.

934641Sep 4 2012 — edited Sep 4 2012
I just finished installing webcenter sites on a Linux machine in Weblogic and as the manual says i tried to access the application from http://localhost:7003/cs/login and i am getting a Error 404 page.

Can you please help find out what's going on...

I notice that under the /cs/login/ folder there is a index.html

and inside the index.html file there is this code :

- Confidential and Proprietary Information of FutureTense Inc.
- All Rights Reserved.
- Index.html
- UI Login Page

<META HTTP-EQUIV="Refresh" CONTENT="0;URL=../wem/fatwire/wem/Welcome">

which from what i understand it goes to the previous folder and tries to access /wem/fatwire/wem/Welcome ... but if i am correct the bad thing is that there are no /wem/fatwire/wem/Welcome folders under /cs/...

can anyone help me find a solution ???
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