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ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item - (custom defined HTML)

bayrichiusJun 25 2017 — edited Jun 26 2017

After update from 5.0.* to im getting error caused by custom defined html in static content region:

Region content:


   <input id="route" name="route" style="display:none" type="text" value="">

  <input id="name" name="name" style="display:none" type="text" value="">



ERR-1002 Unable to find item ID for item "route" in application "40400206".

Unexpected error, unable to find item name at application or page level.

Technical Info (only visible for developers)

  • is_internal_error: true
  • apex_error_code: WWV_FLOW.FIND_ITEM_ID_ERR
  • component.type: APEX_APPLICATION_PAGES
  • 40400206000000141
  • Update Process

----- PL/SQL Call Stack -----

  object line object

  handle number name

0x9194e950 940 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR

0x9194e950 1008 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR

0x9194e950 1400 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_ERROR

0x1841e8880 3066 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW_META_DATA

0x194f03f78 3055 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW

0x194f03f78 5533 package body APEX_050100.WWV_FLOW

0x192504988 2 anonymous block

After removing line with "route" element, im getting same error for "name" element.

Is there any option in Settings to solve this problem?

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