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EPU not working for new equity entities for a certain month only due to derive data cell

Kate GeronimoJun 15 2019 — edited Aug 15 2019

I have been having a trouble trying to make EPU work for a number of new equity entities for the month of April. Below are the items to consider and observed:

1. Current HFM rules file has been updated to add the new equity entities in the EPU module

2. Prior period were consolidated and calculated without any issues

3. Percentages are correct for all months

4. Issue not replicated in lower environments. Meaning these entities for April are working fine.

5. Upon checking, these specific data intersections in production have derived data cells for April only. All other months are input cells

6. Rules file update was made during the April close.

7. All other EPU entities are working fine except for the newly added ones

8. The new EPU entities are preexisting in the system and have been having data in them

9. These entities are mostly non-USD entities

It seems that the calculation is not running against it because of it being derived. What's causing these specific POV data cells to be derived?

Please see sample below.


Child: C9625

Controlling: C9642