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EPMHFM-66054 Unable to locate data source

YannisVJun 2 2017 — edited Jun 2 2017

Hi to all,

On our Windows 10 / Ora XE 11 HFM install , all works fine except the HFM module.

We can create the app but when trying to open we receive the message "EPMHFM-66054 Unable to locate data source"

We also installed the patch 21240419 to no avail. Also checked for tnsnames file and looks ok.

Please if you have experienced any similar advise.



From the logs:

EPMHFM-66054: O sistema não foi capaz de localizar o processo de Origem de dados para o aplicativo LEGAL.

Ocorreu um erro desconhecido em um objeto ODBC. [[1 record: SQLSTATE = 08001; NATIVE ERROR = -1; MSG = [DataDirect][ODBC Oracle Wire Protocol driver][Oracle]TNS-12519: TNS:no appropriate service handler found]]

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