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EPMA: Error in Deploying Planning App

Amit Porwal 007Feb 18 2016 — edited Feb 19 2016

Hello All,

I am trying to re-Deploy one of my EPMA Planning App (Exported from PROD and Imported in DEV)

App Validation is Ok, No Errors, BUT when I try to Deploy this EPMA Planning APP I am getting below Error in deployment JOB:

Server :

Detail : Initiating Product Action...

Generating Headers and Callback Information...

Generating Application Data...

Posting Product Request...

HTTP/1.1 550 The application XYZ already exists.

Action aborted.

Any Idea Why and How to get this solved?

I tried following to solve this but in vain:

1) Rename the Essbase App folder for this Planning App - doesn't Wrok

2) Delete the Whole APP from EPMA in workspace and re-import the EPMA artifacts from LCM export - doesn't work

My DEv and PROD are on the following platform:

OS: Windows Server 2008 SP2

EPM version:

Really Appreciate for your time to give attention to this post.

Looking forward to solve this issue.



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