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EPM Planning - Smartview Error DTS + Hsgetvalue

User_EZMQPMar 2 2023

Hi everyone,

I have a problem in a client who has some “normal” users (with “user” or “power user” role asigned) and use excel reports with hyperion formulas (Hsgetvalue).

The thing is that when try to use “Y-T-D()” in the period dimensions

Example: =@HsGetValue(A1;"Account#AC1234";"Period#Y-T-D(P12)";"Years#FY22";"Scenario#Cont"; "Version#Version_name";"Currency#CLP";"Entity#CC1234")

A1 is the conection string of course. Im getting this error:

(Planning provider error)

But when im logged with and administrator service user there is no issue and the numbers are ok.

When i tried with the same user ("normal") creating an adhoc analysis in smartview i can use Y-T-D function with no problem.

What can be the problem? is a bug or just a restriction of HsGetValue formula in excel?

Thanks in advanced!


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Added on Mar 2 2023