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Enterprise Manager sessions at Oracle CloudWorld 2023 posted

A lot of Enterprise Manager related sessions were presented at Oracle CloudWorld 2023. See them before they are gone by logging into the CloudWorld site and looking up these sessions in the session catalog

Beyond AWR And ASH: Performance Analytics For DevOps And DBAs [LRN1043]

Learn new, advanced analytics techniques—leveraging machine learning and real-time data processing—that complement the data provided by Automatic Workload Repository (AWR) and Active Session History (ASH). Discover the modern approach DevOps and DBA teams use to get more actionable insights on the performance of their databases across the enterprise. See how to get a more holistic view of performance and identify issues that may not be apparent when using traditional tools alone. Use actionable recommendations and visualization to identify and solve performance issues.

Safeguarding Databases: Comprehensive Monitoring And Vulnerability Assessment [LRN3210]

A DBA is responsible for many things—from security hardening of databases and infrastructure to proactive monitoring of a potentially large fleet of databases. Learn how Oracle Enterprise Manager’s new capabilities can enable DBAs to do it all: secure and patch databases using Privilege Access Management (PAM)-based authentication, use the latest compliance solutions to address critical security vulnerabilities, set up database fleet monitoring with a small core of central agents, monitor singleton PDBs, bulk update database passwords, and use dynamic runbooks and event compression to better manage database incidents.

SQL Tuning For Experts: New And Improved Tools For DBAs And Developers [LRN3209]

New and improved SQL tuning capabilities are now available—useful whether you’re developing application code or tuning poorly performing SQL. Real-time, in-depth analysis of SQL statement executions can be obtained for the entire database or a single session, providing powerful insights into overall SQL performance. SQL Monitoring analyzes execution plans to highlight expensive operations, render graphical explain plans, validate hint usage, and more. Learn about these new features and become a SQL tuning champion!

Testing And Validation Best Practices Before And After A Database Upgrade [LRN1044]

Upgrading or patching a database can present several challenges, including unexpected performance regression and application behavior. Catching these before changes are applied to production systems requires testing; unfortunately, creating test scripts that can simulate the workflows of large and complex applications is time-consuming and difficult. As a result, testers often resort to testing only 5–10 percent of the workflows. We discuss how to automate testing with the ability to incorporate up to 100 percent of application workflows. Learn best practices to reduce effort and avoid firefighting after an upgrade.

Automate Multitenant Database Operations At Scale On Exadata And Exadata Cloud [THR4210]

Learn about new technology and methods to automate, migrate, clone, and patch your Oracle Exadata and Oracle Exadata Cloud database fleet and migrate and relocate monolithic non-container databases to pluggable databases (PDBs). Find out how to save storage and time by enabling a self-service catalog of images to rapidly deploy and automate preset database environment configurations. Understand how you can utilize Oracle Enterprise Manager to easily upgrade non-multitenant databases to multitenant, automate multitenant database fleet patching at scale, and enable self-service provisioning for rapid production and development environment deployment, standardization, and error-proof deployments.

Hybrid Multitenant Database Lifecycle Management [HOL2256] - on Oracle LiveLabs

Learn how to automate pluggable database management (PDB) for Oracle applications and scale lifecycle management of Oracle Multitenant databases across your hybrid enterprise. The workshop begins by addressing a development request for a PDB for testing purposes and then performing daily database lifecycle operations like creating clones and unplugging. Gain an understanding of how you can quickly provision, resize, and even delete PDBs using Oracle Enterprise Manager self-service capabilities.

Quick Tour of Database Monitoring In Oracle Enterprise Manager [HOL2258] - on Oracle LiveLabs

Do you need a solution to monitor databases across your large enterprise environment? This workshop helps you understand how Oracle Enterprise Manager helps you do that. Learn about its core monitoring capabilities such as metric thresholds to track metric violations, metric extensions to monitor conditions specific to your environment, corrective actions to auto-correct alerts, administration groups and template collections to standardize monitoring settings, and incident management and notification capabilities to notify IT staff. Also, try out our latest features, dynamic runbooks, and event compression policies to effectively manage your incidents and reduce event fatigue.

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Added on Oct 17 2023