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User_PWYUDJun 15 2020 — edited Jun 17 2020

Hi Community,

I was able to setup OEM on Amazon AWS for Oracle 11g and Oracle 12c.

I wonder why there is a difference in Oracle 11g and 12c related to the features existing in OEM, I see for Oracle 12c the OEM console is rather limited, while for Oracle 11g the OEM in the cloud seems rather similar to the normal one used on premise side.

For Oracle 12c we need to change the frontend to flash, for Oracle 11c this is not the case and uses JET frontend player (however for some pages the flash player is needed too), is that a bug with Oracle, will this being solved in the near future? By the end of 2020 Flash player is not anymore supported in Chrome, so there is a need of a solution.

Thanks for your feedback.

Kind regards,


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Added on Jun 15 2020