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Enterprise Manager and Customers

944746Jun 20 2012 — edited Jun 29 2012

I want to let possible customer know their system's health with EM.
To test if EM is siutable for me I created an empty user (as sysman) via Setup > Security > Administrators called "customer1" and assigned this user to the Role "customer1_role".
This role allows the user to view his databases "cust1db01" and "cust1db02".

I tested the user, and truly he can't see only the databases that where assigned by the role.

My question now is:
Can I hide some of features like "Incident Manager" and "Blackouts"? => Customers shouldn't do that.
Also I want to hide some Widgets on the Database Detail Page like "Diagnostics … ", "Incidents and Problems", is this possible?

I couldn't find privileges to prevent users using features or change the style of the detail pages.

I tested this with Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c (


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