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SMART Authorization


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<endpoint> has not enabled "<client>" for accessing healthcare data yet on your behalf.

Shahaf AbileahAug 23 2023


I work at We help patients to understand their hospital bills. We use FHIR to let patients connect their medical record through our website. We've been doing this successfully across a number of Cerner endpoints, but we've run into an authorization issue with the Ascension Health endpoint.

The endpoint we're using is listed here:

"address": “”

Workflow or API calls:

We send customers to this URL:

Expected Result:

Patient should see a page to log in and authorize us to request the medical record on their behalf.

Actual Result:

The request is immediately redirected to our page but with a 401 Unauthorized error. That page includes an error_uri with a URL. When we go to that URL, we see the following message: “Ascension Health has not enabled "Goodbill" for accessing healthcare data yet on your behalf. Please contact support for "Goodbill" for further assistance.”

What's the process to become enabled? Is this something we need to do for each endpoint separately?

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Added on Aug 23 2023