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Endeca OZF Claim Dashboard is failing V7

User_ZAN15Mar 11 2018 — edited Mar 27 2018

Hello Team,

We have upgraded our Endeca to version 7 and when we run OZF Claim full refresh it is ending error with the following reason.

Caused by: org.jetel.exception.JetelRuntimeException: Component [Bulk Add/Replace  Open Claim Records:BULK_ADD_REPLACE_OPEN_CLAIM_RECORDS] finished with status ERROR. (In0: 0 recs)

Component pre-execute initialization failed.

  Failed with the following IntegratorException:

        com.endeca.clover.adapters.exception.IntegratorException: You must specify a collection key.

Anyone has come across this issue before. As far as we remember we didn't do any configurations when we were in version6.

Pls help if any pointers to resolve. Unable to find information in the implementation guide as well.

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