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Enabling/Installing OC4J on a server where Oracle IAS 10g is already running

Mohan BhargavFeb 5 2015 — edited Feb 13 2015

We have a server on which Oracle IAS Standard Edition is already installed. I am new to this product.

To check which components of IAS have been installed , I did a "opmnctl status" .


ias-component | process-type           | pid |   status


webcache1      | WebCache-admin   |    ---- | Alive 

webcache1      | WebCache              |    ---- | Alive 

ohs1                | OHS                         |   ---- | Alive

To me this indicated that only OHS and Web Cache are installed. Is this assessment right ?

I am trying to deploy a  accounting application and couple of smaller web services all written in Java.

How can I go about installing/enabling other components like OC4J (Java containers), Forms , Reports etc without disturbing  the existing installation or having to re-install the entire product  ?

This post has been answered by Sharmela-Oracle on Feb 13 2015
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