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EMC Unity SSD Thin Provisioning LDOMs running Sol11 with Guests running Sol 10 SCSI TRIM/UNMAP Oracl

ChrpearceJul 6 2018 — edited Jul 6 2018

Does anyone have experience or understanding of the current state of running Thin Provisioned SSDs In and Oracle VM environment? We have Solaris 11 CDOMs running Solaris 11 Guests (LDOMs), running Solaris 10.  We are running Version: 0.5.11 (Oracle Solaris  The Storage Arrays are EMC Unity 450Fs.  Our goal was to thin provision with over subscription to alleviate configuration burden of multiple disks, but grow through quotas.  It appears in the Doc ID below it was implemented,  I should note we are using ZFS

But in this document it appears it might not work?


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Added on Jul 6 2018