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Embeding google charts in OBIEE?

725709Oct 30 2009 — edited Dec 3 2009
This is how the pie chart looks:,1879074,316017&chs=450x300&chco=FF0000,00FF00

This is how the concentric chart looks:

Creating the normal pie chart in OBIEE is pretty simple (I will use "Paint" subject are):
1) Create a request with this SQL:
SELECT Periods."Year" saw_0, "Sales Measures".Units saw_1, "Sales Measures".Dollars saw_2 FROM Paint ORDER BY saw_0
2) In the Narrative view type the following:
Prefix: <img src="
Narrative @2
Row separator ,
Postfix &chs=450x300&chco=FF0000,00FF00&/>
3) make sure you check the "Contains HTML Markup" box

Any suggestions on how to create a concentric pie chart using this data set (using columns 2 and 3 as the data source?

Edited by: Sart1997 on Oct 30, 2009 6:54 AM