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EM12c : Database performance homepage graphs, raw data.

ma365Jul 15 2014 — edited Jul 18 2014


Can anyone help identify where the raw data that is used to create the graphs on the Oracle database performance page is held?

I'm interested in the raw data that is used to create the graphs on the database performance homepage in EM12c Cloud Control. Database Home -> Performance drop down menu -> Performance Home.

On this page there are graphs for the Cluster load averages and a graph that shows wait events for active sessions over time. It's the raw data  for these graphs that I'm interested in getting. 

Is the data stored in the EM repository database? Eg. in the SYSMAN schema MGMT views or does the EM management service make a direct connection to the database and collect the data for graphing from the DB (e.g the AWR tables)?

I've looked in the 12c Extensibility manual but the MGMT views documented there do not seem to have the data.

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