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EF.Core 8, Compiled Model generation is failing


After the update to .net8 and EFCore8, the compiled model generation does not work anymore due to the following error:
"The type mapping used is incompatible with a compiled model. The mapping type must have a 'public static readonly OracleGuidTypeMapping OracleGuidTypeMapping.Default' property."
I haven't found another forum post about this, so I hope its not a duplicate.

I've found some github issues, which seem similar for other database providers:

I've created a test project to replicate this. Which I've sent(will send after posting this) via email to dotnet_us (at) (as previously suggested to me on another forum post about a different issue). In the file, I've placed the commands which i've used to generate the migrations/models.

Some details:
-Previously used versions(which still works): Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.* 7.0.14, Oracle.EntityFrameworkCore 7.21.12
-Newly used versions: Microsoft.EntityFrameworkCore.* 8.0.1, Oracle.EntityFrameworkCore 8.21.121

Currently I can get around it, by rolling back the versions, or manually updating the models, but would appreciate if the generation would work properly again.

Thank you:
Árpád Póth

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Added on Jan 19 2024
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