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EDQ - Using Dynamic Permissions

ChristyxoAug 18 2021

Hi all,
Does anyone have any guidance on how to use Dynamic Permissions within case management?
The documentation from Oracle states that it exists, and why it exists, but not on how to apply it?
Securing Oracle Enterprise Data Quality (0 Bytes)I have identified how to create/remove permissions, and apply those permissions to a case management workflow, or to specific tasks, but I can't work out how to apply it to a user.
I create a permission called TestPermission in the case management administration console.
I assigned a specific case to TestPermission in the case management console.
In the case management console, that task is no longer visible to me.
What do I need to do, in order to see that case?

This post has been answered by Stephen Thompson on Sep 2 2021
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Added on Aug 18 2021