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Editing a previously published content item results in no workflow applied

913524Nov 15 2012

We have developed numerous workflows, which are configured as default from New menu configurations.

We are seeing two issues:

1) Copying an existing content item, the assigned workflow to the New menu is not applied. This is apparently by design in 11g (did work in 7.x) according to Oracle support. We have raised a product enhancement request
2) Editing a content item which has passed through its workflow stages and has been published, the previously assigned workflow is not assigned.

Issue 2) is what we are looking into now. Apparently (again) this is by design.

Is there a common approach that people are using to resolve this issue, in that editing a previously published content item, those changes will be subject to the original workflow stages before it will be re-published?

We have heard mentioned of listeners or further stages in the workflow...

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