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user6435361Mar 11 2016 — edited Mar 16 2016


Which ECMAScript Specification does the JavaFX 8 WebEngine component support? I know it's using WebKit, which in turn uses the JavaScriptCore engine (JavaScriptCore – WebKit), whose latest version implements ECMAScript 6. However, it's new spec, so I suppose the JavaFX 8 has an older version because trying out the new arrow syntax for anonymous function ( x => x+1 rather than function(x) { return x+1; }) doesn't work.

More importantly, when there is a JavaScript error, I can't seem to find a way to detect and report it. I tried these ideas:

  webEngine.getLoadWorker().exceptionProperty().addListener( (ov, t, t1) ->


  System.out.println("Received exception: "+ t1.getMessage());


  webEngine.setOnError( (WebErrorEvent errorEvent) -> {



but neither worked. What happens is the page doesn't load and there is no way to know it's due to ill-formed JAvaScript code, let alone having a source line number.

Any suggestions for the error detection& reporting?

Thanks much in advance!


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