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EBS R12 DFF Context is not working OAF page

Sushant KumarJan 8 2024

Hi All,

We are trying to enable the DFF in iprocurement OAF page, but it is not enabling and showing error as below.

oracle.apps.fnd.framework.OAException: oracle.jbo.NoDefException: JBO-25058: Definition CCIDAttribute1 of type Attribute not found in PoRequisitionLinesVO.

also, if we unfreeze and Freeze MPA Accounting, we are getting below error.
“This flex field may not function in other environment such as OA Framework or PL/SQL APIs.”
if we are unable to use the EBS R12 DFF in OAF page then how to solve this issue?

As per Oracle Document below is limitation in OAF page. let me know what is the workaround to achive this in OAF page.

Here are the Flexfield features which cannot be supported in non-Forms environments.

A User Exit Validated value set (Special or Pair) is used
Reference field is used for CONTEXT of a DFF
A table validated value set has additional columns and INTO :BLOCK.FIELD functionality is used as part of this additional columns
A :BLOCK.FIELD reference is used in a defaulting statement
A :BLOCK.FIELD reference is used in a table validated value set WHERE clause

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Added on Jan 8 2024