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EBS 12.2.7 SSO with Active Directory

JanGLiApr 22 2021

We have ebs 12.2.7 with oracle database 12.1
I have relatively new to on-Prem EBS and need some confirmation on my research.

I have been assigned to perform single-sign-on on EBS with active directory working as my identity store.
This is what my research and steps i will implement SSO:

1 - I will use OID 12.2.l.4 and OAM components.
2 - First install both OAM and OID.
3- Create schemas for both OAM and OID using RCU
4- Configure OID after configuration migrate existing EBS users into OID.
5- Configure OAM, which includes installing webgate on EBS, create a managed server of accessgate on EBS, and after that registering EBS node with OAM.
6- Connect Active Directory with OID.
7- Single Sign On done.

Kindly guide if the sequence of these steps are good to go? did i missed anything? I have deduced these steps from skimming through oracle documents.
Plus do refer any good blogs related to my issue.


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Added on Apr 22 2021
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