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Dynamic JNLP & Servlet & Fusion Web application

DLopezAug 18 2017 — edited Aug 21 2017


Using JDev

I have created a Java Web Start Application that will read user's machine data and print.

I also have created a dynamic JNLP file, using a servlet, to allow the user to download and execute the application based on the User's selected option on my Main Application.

The way I use to allow the user to get the JNLP file is using a button / link with the attribute destination with the servlet configured address.

Until this point all is good, the user can download the JNLP file and run it and my main app will obtain the result of the operation with another servlet.

My problem is that the user is always prompted with the window to run the application although the option to "do not show that prompt again and trust the application"  was in the first execution selected.

I checked the update tag in the jnlp file and changed the 2 attributes with all possible combinations and I always get that prompt window.

I removed the update tag from my dynamic JNLP and when I check it ( from Configure Java / General / View ) the application JNLP file I have the update tag like so: <update check="timeout" policy="always"/>

I also executed the same JNLP file by hand with no update tag in it. When I check it from Java Configuration, I also have the above tag, I'm guessing is the default, but the prompt to execute with the trust checkbox doesn't appear, only in the first time.

So I'm guessing that it's not a JNLP file problem but the way, servlet and destination attribute, the user downloads it.

Do you have any ideas, if I'm right and how to fix this issue?


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