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Dynamic DNS - Dyn Updater Client Connectivity Issue or Outage

Lee JohnsonJan 11 2024

We are currently experiencing a problem when the Dyn Updater Client starts running and it fails to connect to the service to retrieve the hosts list.

We have attempted connecting from different machines at different locations and all of them receive the same error message: Failed to configure hosts. Error Connecting to Please verify your internet connection and try again.

The web portal appears to be working fine and service shows available but even after reinstalling the Dyn Updater client we still get the same error message and cannot connect to the service.

The log file for the dyn updater client shows a very similar error message: Failed to connect to

If we test pinging it resolves to another address of

Any assistance is appreciated with this issue as it is preventing many users from connecting and working today, thank you.

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Added on Jan 11 2024
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