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Dynamic Action to Set Item Value then Load Region

user-yfi4vSep 12 2023

Hi folks,

My use case is to select and display a random row from a table in a region when page loads. I seem to get all the parts but can't figure out the sequence to make it work. Here's what I have:

Table is HELLO_TBL, three columns: USER, ID, PHRASE:

  • USER_A, 1, “Hello World!”
  • USER_A, 2, “Bonjour Monde!”
  • USER_A, 3, “Ciao Mondo!”
  • USER_B, 1, “Hello World!”
  • USER_B, 2, “Vannakam Ulakam!”

etc. Each user has 1-many rows and the set of IDs is unique to each user.

On homepage I have a Card region. The intent is to display one of the user's rows in HELLO_TBL randomly. SQL is:

select PHRASE from HELLO_TBL where USER = :APP_USER and ID = :P1_RANDOM

:P1_RANDOM is a page item.

I used JavaScript to generate the random number, vs other approaches.

phraseMax = apex.item("P1_MAX_PHRASE").getValue();
phraseRan = Math.floor(Math.random() * phraseMax) + 1;

P1_MAX_PHRASE is a page item that selects the max ID from HELLO_TBL for the current user.

select max(ID) from HELLO_TBL where USER = :APP_USER

I can get the max ID, I can get the Random ID, and I can return a row for the user/ID in where clause. The problem I have is getting this sequence. Should flow like this on page load

  1. get the max ID into :P1_MAX_PHRASE
  2. execute Javascript, utilizing :P1_MAX_PHRASE to set the value of :P1_RANDOM
  3. load the Card region via the SQL against HELLO_TBL for the user and random value in :P1_RANDOM.

I can't figure out how to get this sequenced. I tried a Dynamic Action on pageload and while it generates the random value it does so after the region loads. I added a refresh into the DA, which reloads the card but it comes up empty. I tried putting the JS into region initialization javascript and got a TypeError.

I think I have all the parts but getting the random ID passed into the SQL before it executes to load the Card seems to be the problem.



This post has been answered by Gabriel Guzman on Sep 12 2023
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Added on Sep 12 2023