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dvt:schedulingGantt - drag to new dates not working (Jdeveloper

Daniela VintuFeb 20 2024


I'm trying to implement the drag to new dates feature in dvt:schedulingGantt (or projectGantt) by dragging the bars to new dates, but it is not working - the dataChangeListener is not invoked (when I release the bar it snaps back to it's original position).

I've also tried the application from here, same behavior.

According to the documentation: “The Project Gantt supports direct manipulation of tasks on the chart. For examples, users can change the start time or the duration of a task by dragging the task bar. User can split a task into multiple segments, as well as establishing dependency between tasks by simple mouse gestures.” - but I can't make it work.

In jDeveloper, it works - any idea why is not working in

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Added on Feb 20 2024