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Duplicate records showed in a result set of an Interactive Grid

Javier PJun 27 2021

Hi All,
In Apex 21.1
Am having this problem where am running a page with some filters and an IG with a query
Capture.JPGAs you can see there are duplicates records in the result when there is supposed to be only 5 records as the total shows.
This results are only coming when I use the marked filter above Num. Poliza filter item When I use any other filter item it return the correct number of line records in the grid.
I know is hard to find what the problem just looking at a picture but any idea of what can I look for or how to debug this problem.
This is the query but the thing is that am refreshing the same query for all filter items
Any ideas?
Thanks for the help and comments!

This post has been answered by Clarisa Maman Orfali on Jun 30 2021
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Added on Jun 27 2021