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DSTU2 APIs (Millennium)


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DSTU2 Appointment API Failing, R4 Appointment API Succeeding

Shane LavezzoOct 20 2023 — edited Mar 8 2024

Workflow or API calls: Attempting to retrieve Appointments for a practitioner between specific set of dates using the DSTU2 FHIR API.

Expected Result: Appointments for the practitioner. The R4 FHIR API works and we can see Appointments. The DSTU2 version does not.

Actual Result:

"resourceType": "OperationOutcome",
"issue": [
"severity": "fatal",
"code": "required",
"location": [

X-Request-Id = 9285f9fb-c24e-4731-896f-b7e4c9f323d5

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Added on Oct 20 2023
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