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Drill down from Dimensional to Relational

user10634835Dec 1 2008 — edited Jul 11 2011
Hi all,

I am trying to implement drill down from aggregated data stored in Essbase cubes to detailed data stored in an Oracle DW, what some call "Hybrid OLAP Reporting".

My question is how do I map both sources in the BMM layer? I tried the approach shown in the first link below. I could get all columns listed in the Presentation Layer, but the both source simply do not join. The join was implemented through a complex join in the physical tier, which I found strange. I though it was supposed to be used only in the logical (BMM) layer.

Does anyone have a link to similar articles, tutorials, documentation that shows how that is implemented?

I also tried the second approach shown in the second link. It was a MSAS implementation though. Even the author said he was not able to make the same implementation on Essbase. As it was in a early version, I decided to try anyway.

By the way, does the current OBIEE version support this? I am using OBIEE and Essbase 9.3.1.

These are the links I mentioned.

Many thanks.
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