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downloaded sql developer and xe213 database, cant get it connect?

User_OLVNIJan 16 2022 — edited Jan 16 2022

hello, first time sql user here, i'm trying to practice some queries and was told to get familiar with the sql developer, i have the sql developer up and running, and installed 21c. they are both on the c drive using default installation settings.
right now i can't do anything as it won't connect to the database, is it because i didn't install the database in the correct directory? when i add a new connection, after input the same pw i made while installing the 21c express edition, and using sys for username, it cant connect and it failed testing.
No TNS entries found in {USER Home dir=C:\Users\kyle, ORACLE_HOME=C:\app\kyle\product\21c\dbhomeXE\network\admin}
under the TNS file load option

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Added on Jan 16 2022