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Doubt Oracle Virtualization Manager

User_NTJEHMay 16 2022

Hello Expert
In 4 nodes I must install Oracle 7.9 with KVM to migrate virtual machines from Oracle VM Server and leave it on this new platform with Oracle KVM.
My doubt is regarding Oracle VM Manager, which I understand is based on ovirt, and that is where my doubt arises. With RHEL we were told that the RHEV Manager (ovirt based) should always be left on a separate node that was not a member of the cluster node group.
In the case of Oracle, it is the same concept, Oracle VM Manager must be an independent node, because in a virtualized laboratory, simulate the environment and when I install engine manager as VM to a node with KVM, it only allowed me to add 3 nodes to the cluster, but the node where the engine manager resided did not, because I noticed that when adding the nodes to the engine, it installed ovirt packages and because it had KVM installed it did not allow it.
It is possible that you can tell me if a standalone node is actually required for the engine.
Thanks for your comments.
Best Regards

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